Research on clinicalnurseleader roles:
A proposed solution.
Describe the ways clinical nurse leader roles is consistent with current researchknowledge.
Discuss the feasibility of implementing clinical nurse leader roles.
Identify appropriate goals, objectives, and expected outcomes for the clinical nurse leader roles.

The clinical nurse leader role serves to improve the quality of patient care, and provide nurses with adequate skills and education to be successful in the current and future health care environment. Clinical nurse leaders are highly skilled nurses with education founded on clinical outcomes, quality improvement and evidence based practice. The clinical nurse leader role is consistent with current research and supports the discovery of new evidence in health care. The CNL is held accountable to data synthesis, interpretation of research and compilation of evidence at the point of care to ensure positive outcomes for a cohort of patients. By continually being both the …

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Clinical Nurse Leader Role
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Research on clinical nurse leader roles and proposed solution are provided