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Who is Zhuangzi and why is he important?Length should be minimum 600 words. Use as many allegories and quote as you can from Hsns-George Moller’s writing (the more quotes/allegories, better the answer would be). Write in essay format and make sure to reference property and direct to page numbers. You may even use reviews online from author’s writing or any other secondary source besides his book as long as you cite.You need to use at least 15 essential terms/words in your answer. An essential term would be any word that explores the grounds of thinking in this concept and is used often in writing when talking about this particular topic. Please underline or bold out the essential terms for me so I can see them in your response. If you have the euavelent chinese character of any key terms throw it in there with a bracket. The course focuses on Daoism and Chinese Virties (Heidegger and Moller as main sources of reference in the course.)You will need to use at least 4 sources of which they will be provided for you after assigning the tutor. You will need to select and use as many allegories and quotes as possible to describe Zhuangzi’s theories in social science in depth.

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